Brooklyn Academy was established in 2009 as a Academy of excellence for the design, delivery and dissemination of training and professional development programs in a variety of domains and fields aiming at the formulation of world class managers, experts, practitioners and trainers.

Community Development scientifically and financially using the latest management and technological sciences

Building influential generations through the deployment of the foundations of management and technological sciences

Why We Are Unique
√ We Provide The Last Version Of management knowledge
√ Practical Training
√ All Trainers Are Professional in Management Field
√ Good Preparation To Pass The Certificate Exam
√ Full Consultation After you Finish The Training
√ Provide All Useful Documents & Templates

This programs will help each participant or attendees to increase their performance & flexibility in adaptation. This program aims to develop applicant’s skills and attitude.

Language Academy study
English / Arabic

Brooklyn Academy and Optimum have agreed to sign the following Protocol with the purpose of fostering cooperation, mutual understanding and development in the fields of education and research.

Local Partner of the Brooklyn Institute in Egypt.


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