MBA in Health Care Management

Master of Business Administration

To graduates of Pharmacy, Medicine or Science

Provided by

Brooklyn Academy & Canadian Academy

Scholarship for Master of Business Administration To graduates of pharmacy, medicine & science

Scholarships cover 75%, 80%, 85%, 90% or 100 % of the tuition fees. The scholarship value is deducted from the tuition fees of the program or free-standing course for which you are awarded a scholarship

Degree Overview

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program in healthcare management can prepare students to oversee operations and services in healthcare facilities. Application for an MBA program often need a combination of tests, previous coursework, and work experience in addition to completion of an undergraduate degree in order to gain admission. To create real change, managers must fully grasp how all of the pieces of the healthcare puzzle fit together, and how each decision affects the entire system. The Vanderbit Health Care MBA program provides a unique insight into this complex world through a blend of solid business basics plus experiential and integrative learning.



24 Hours per Module = (3 credit hours "cr.")
Total 12 Modules
Total Hours 288 hrs


Certified from Brooklyn Academy
International MBA Certification Exam Preparation